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Date: 05 September, 2016

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On Tuesday 24 May 2016, our field and desk adjusters, together with management, took part in a fire investigation training day with Hampshire Fire & Rescue’s Fire Investigation Team.

After donning coveralls and hard hats, staff investigated their own fire scenes. Mock rooms were set up and then ignited by the Fire Investigation Team within containers on the site headquarters. Evidence was searched and analysed to determine how the fires had started and spread and theories were then proven by videos of the actual events recorded by the Fire Investigation Team.

Staff were also shown how to identify fire patterns as indicators of where fires had started and when flammable liquids had been used. It was demonstrated just how much evidence may be left behind after a fire and not destroyed by it.

Hampshire’s Fire Investigation Team gave practical demonstrations of the dangers of backdrafts and flashovers in controlled experiments and the Team showed how they use their sniffer dogs to search fire scenes to identify if accelerants were present.

We have uploaded a video demonstrating backdraft – the chamber (with ignition source in the bottom right corner) is full of gas which mixes with air from outside when the door is opened and ignites only when the gas/air mix reaches a critical ratio.

It was an enjoyable and informative, if somewhat smoky, day.

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